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Better call Tyrone is a podcast by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser. The podcast is designed to help you facilitate, design, and understand wellness in all areas of your life! Topics range from weight loss and stress, to education, relationships, and exercise, and career success. Stay tuned for more weekly episodes!

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Episode 22: Journaling

Topic: The benefits of journaling for you, your psychological 'status', and your loved ones.

Resources mentioned:

Episode 23: Meditation

Topic: Meditation benefits and creating the habit


Episode 24: Focus

Topic: Focus, attention, and distraction


Episode 25: Patience, Young Grasshopper!

Topic: Tips On How To Be Patient And Keeping One's Self From Impatience.


Day One Journaling

The power of meditation

Episode 26: Patience And Hurrying Slowly

Topic: The importance of patients, and hurrying slowly