One of the most incredible birds in the history of mankind, the eagle is perhaps the sign of courage, discipline, and leadership.
The eagle can be seen flying among other birds, but is often found flying alone. Unless you’re in a place where eagles are a common sight, these predator birds are hard to spot. One reason is because eagles fly at a much, much higher elevation than other birds. Several characteristics allow them to do this. But the primary characteristic is in their wings. On the outskirts of their wings, eagles have what appears to be a subset of wings, known as pinions. These pinions allow eagles to rise above other birds. Additionally, eagles have (similar to human beings) a much more dense number of rods and cones in their eyes, which allow them to see more detailed depictions of the surrounding landscape, and focus in on their prey. Suffice it to say, when time to hunt prey, eagles can see them many, many miles away.
I often times think of what it would be like to have the hindsight and foresight of an eagle - to be able to see obstacles and opportunities from a great distance.
Don’t we have that ability? Aren’t we able to see what’s essential and important in our lives? Yes. Yes, we are. But only if we are able to see clearly. In order to be well, we must be able to soar above what seems average and comfortable. We must be able to elevate ourselves to higher heights and deeper depths. Sometimes, this simply means removing any distractions - physical and mental. Sometimes, it simply means not paying attention to anything or anyone- competitor or not - that can be a hindrance to your wellness.
— Chapter 5 "The Eagle" - "The Book of Simple Wellness"