Signed, You Know Who This Is

Signed, You Know Who This Is

There was a story of a guy who lives an honorable life. He treats people well, he loves his family, works hard, prays, attends mass, and seeks the good of man. But one day, as he prays, he hears a voice that he can't seem to locate. The Voice tells him that the 'common good' way, is a way that will actually lead him into peril.  Daily, the unknown voice speaks to him and gives him a 'truth' about the everyday issues he encounters, in the form of letters, and explains why there's a way that seems right unto man,  but eventually leads to destruction.
Signed, You Know Who This Is, is a collection of those letters.

books I'm working on...check back soon!

The Book of Simple Wellness (coming soon!)

There are so, so many things that beset our path to optimal physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.  Regardless of whatever may beset us on the path to wellness, one truth remains: Wellness is best practiced from a mind and spirit of simplicity.  In the Book Of Simple Wellness, I point to simple examples from our daily lives  to help us understand the clear and simple logic behind the complex, yet simple world of wellness.

Read an excerpt here!