Regarding Marks
The human soul changes daily. The nature of that change depends on you. Much like a tree planted by rivers of water, your soul, with proper nourishment, is edified by the addition of what you can understand as ‘marks’. Marks can be beneficial or detrimental to the soul. When you aim at heaven, you add marks to your soul. Marks of truth, love, honor, good health, wisdom, and knowledge, to name a few. When you miss the ‘mark’, the soul is beset by marks of death, disruption, confusion, insecurity, hatred, anger, and the like.

Until you know yourself fully (which cannot happen in this your lifetime), you will occasionally miss the mark. Fortunately for you, I provide grace and mercy. To receive a continuous, refreshing supply of grace and mercy every morning, you must believe in me. My Begotten Son made this possible for you.

Nourish your soul. Aim at heaven. Don’t miss the mark.

You Know Who This is.
— Letter 1 from "Signed, You Know Who This is by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser
Regarding Pain
So shallow, of you and your fellow spirits, to regard pain as something
which is outside of you. These prideful moments of you and your fellow spirits using pain as a means for the celebration of overcoming, achieving what you define as impossible, and relating to each other. Crutches! The only pain that I’ve seen someone suffer in an act of love and selflessness, is the pain of sin and death caused by the many hands of others. You know who he is.
What you consider pain, I consider weakness. What you consider suffering, I consider strengthening. What you consider turmoil, I consider endurance. What you currently consider endurance, I consider a circus act of what you know as mitochondrial efficiency. I’ve seen many a spirit (including you) cry in the midst of losing a loved one. Was he yours to begin with?
— Letter 5 from "Signed, You Know Who This is by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser