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My teaching philosophy is simple: I teach with all my might (Colossians 3:23).  If, at the day's end, I can look back a say to myself, "I did the best that I could do", I can rest easily.  It's when I cut corners that I struggle.  I teach courses in the area of exercise science: biomechanics, exercise physiology, testing and prescription of exercise, and the like.  Interestingly enough, We still have an obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, sedentary activity, and early mortality problem in the United States.  Needless to say, I think I'll be employed for a while, because we still haven't got to the 'heart of the problem. Interesting, it is, that many are quick to dismiss the fields such as these (physical education, health, etc.). As 'easy' as they are in college, it sure seems ironic that this is the one area in which people struggle to maintain the most throughout the course of their lives - wellness.


Sequoia Trees are stunning

Sequoia Trees are absolutely amazing. It is believed that they contain a 'quiescent center', which allows them to continue mitosis for a long period of time (that is, they get old and live very, very long lives).  Trees have great resilience that enable them to withstand stresses beyond what humans regularly endure. Does this have to be true, or, do we limit ourselves because of our inability to adapt to stress in a healthy way? 

In addition, I love technology (hardware and software)! I love wearable design, Apple products, Evernote, and other tech.  Nanotechnology has huge implications for the Allied Health fields, and I'm interested in understanding how we can leverage tech to reduce disease risk.



And Service! 

Teaching well means successfully teaching for varied audiences.  I podcast in order to reach other audiences.  I blog, in layman's terms, about wellness and fitness. I also blog about spirituality and my Faith in Christ. I teach Sunday School for a small congregation in Lowell, NC. And, If I can ever get around to completing these two books, I'll make them available to the public soon.