I See Him. When my Heart Desires, I See Him. / by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser

Behold God in wellness

Gods glory is in everything. Whether we see it or not, his presence is all around us.

Afte a long, stressful day, I see his glory and his grace in the soft bed that hundreds of people made for me to enjoy for 8 hours at a time.

When I soak in a hot tub and blow cool breaths on my arms and legs to calm the race of heart rate from the hot water, I feel his breath through my pursed lips. In that exhale, I realize my breath is his breath.

When I see my son playing without a care in the world, I realise that my path is to become more like my son, not for my son to become more like me - if I intend to inherit the kingdom.

The endurance I find in my heart - both spiritual and physical - reminds me of the grace he's given me to sustain the race set before me.

I'm reminded when I hear the birds.
When I hear the wind.
When I smell the rain.
When I taste the bread. 
When I teach.
When I work. 

Lord, continue to open my eyes, that I might behold wonderful things from your law...
— Psalms 119:18