A piece of folded paper. The outside says, "Genesis 1:26" (Time and the Rocking Chair mini-story). by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser


(A piece of paper fell from the rocking chair. It was a folded piece of paper. Below was what was written inside. . .)

I was never taught not to care about what other people thought about me. 

I was never taught patience, kindness, and gentleness.

I was never taught that credit was more important than strip club spending, or that the only significant air Air Force One I needed to be knowledgeable about was the one that would take me to the hoop.

But I was certainly taught that the dirtiest dog gets the bone. That the world sees color. And that Jesus was too good to be black. I was certainly taught that the more girls the better, that Weedsmoke is the best smoke, and that a desert eagle solves all of my problems. 

Ok, Ok. Foster care reared a little discipline somewhere in there. 

Then, education gave me a glimpse into the way the white man does things.
More education gave me a glimpse into how the government does things.

And more education gave me a glimpse into how the white man and the government rule the world.

All of a sudden, education (everyone respects degrees, right?) + foster care (because animals need taming) + black = 1,000 broken mirrors. 

It's a shame I can't see who I am. I'm spending too much time basking in your image.

That'll certainly cause me many, many problems...

Wayfinding by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser


Where are the birds going?

What do the clouds suggest about the weather patterns for next week?

What are the stars saying about where we are and where we’re going?

Are the water currents showing the calm before the storm?

Wayfinding is fascinating. It’s how the natural world gets along with their duties, safety, and lives. I question how much I really know about nature and how close I am to it. I think we should be grateful that we have natural compasses within us that nature simply confirms be her cloud, current, star and bird symbols. Nature is here for us. We are the greatest and boldest of all nature.

But somewhere along the way, I became fascinated with everyone and everything but myself. If we are honest, many (perhaps most) of us have done this.

Ask yourself this: 10 years from now, do you look like you, or do you look like everyone else?

The good thing about life is that as long as you have it, it’s never too late.

Clutter by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser


Clutter is everywhere.

It's in every moment. Clutter is all the time.

It's every time.

Sometimes, clutter makes us feel relevant - it makes us feel like our space matters. 

But then, in those moments where clutter isn't so prevalent, we see the shallowness of our clutter. We start to see how irrelevant our clutter is to that space we We begin to see what truly matters.