Dear Black Man: Everything they say about you is true. / by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser


Dear Black Man,

Yes, every bad thing they say about us is true.  Very true.  

We are lazy. We are violent.  We are aggressive.  We do things that sometimes don't make sense . We treat our women bad. We refer to them the same way we refer to the animals we slaughter for food. We kill our brothers.  We flunk out of school at a higher rate. We dropout when things get tough. We do many, many questionable, contrite things against the countrymen we live with and to the women for which we're built to provide and protect. This is all true, but, that's all it is - true.  

But it's not Truth.

It's not truth.

The truth is - we were made in the image of God - just like our countrymen . The truth is - we have more reasons than perhaps any other race in the world - to be successful. Slavery taught us that. The truth is: a black man + God = death to sin (and all of its servants, including the racist boss man and the corrupt policeman). The truth is - we are perhaps the strongest, most enduring people on the planet (seen the olympics lately?) I wonder what would happen if you decided to stop complaining, stop lashing out in your music or at your wife, at your girlfriends, in your poetry, and your family, and instead turned your sights on harnessing the dormant power within you - the same power which made Jesus stay down as he had the skin ripped off of his back, the same power which helped him carry the cross to Golgotha (Matthew 27:33), and the same power which raised his name above all names, and the same power that created you from the dust you walk in. That, sir, is the truth behind real power.   Your ability to make money from hopping, skipping, jumping, closing deals, and professing - that's rubbish. Your ability to put two lines together and call it art, poetry, and science - that's rubbish. Your ability to soar over your opponents - that's rubbish. Your ability to judge her waistline and determine whether or not she's worth it - that's certainly rubbish. Your ability to make her feel like she's never felt - that's rubbish. But your ability to humble yourself before the Throne, and consider your life utterly 'meaningless' in view of the surpassing joy of God: Now that's powerful (Philippians 3:8).  That brings glory to God as a life saver. That brings glory to God as a provider. That brings glory to God as a pillar, your Pillar.  That makes you a child of God and a brother to all.  That makes you revert back to the image of God - like you were originally created.  Why do you spend your time reliving your past, shining lights on all the terrible times in your life, as if you've been through something worth glorifying? Were you beaten to the point of sweating blood? Did you carry the weight of generations upon generations of curses, sin, and death on your back? Oh,  Is it to show how you've overcome? Or, is it to show the power of your creator? Why do you spend time fighting for equality? You're not equal! You'll never be equal, because you weren't designed to be equal. You were designed to be hidden in the image of the one how is above anyone who murmurs the word 'equal'.  Stop punishing your kids.  He made the wrong decision because you didn't make the right one.  Every time he cries, it's because you were weak. When he fails, it's because you didn't succeed. So what, you didn't give birth to that kid.  He was born nine days outside of the date range of when you 'hit it'.  So what! Be there! So blind to the truth - you are. Stop punishing your women.  Just because you didn't hit her doesn't mean you're not abusing her.  Your are their protectors.  Every time she turns to drugs, it's because you held her arm and tightened the strap. Every time she drops out of school, it's because you didn't show her strength. Every time she's killed, it's because you held the knife. Every time she stumbles, it's because you tripped her. Every time she cries, it's because you weren't there for her.  Every time she gets on that pole, it's because you criticized her and mocked her.  And every time she dies, it's because you didn't make the sacrifice. 

You didn't sacrifice. Your role most closely resembles Christ above all other creation.  Your role is to sacrifice. That's why you were created HE HIM (Genesis 1:27).  So what, she hurt you - she's the weaker male.  So what, she criticized you - she may not understand fully, because you didn't teach her. So what, she cheated on you - she's the one you desire. So what, she tempted you - she ate off the tree first.   Ah, I see - you're too big to admit fault. You can't possibly be responsible for your culture's problems.  You have nothing to do with that 'THOT', after you've temporarily relieved her of the emotional turmoil left by the last 'man' left in her life (maybe that's why you refer to her as a tool that's placed in storage until it's next use...wait a minute: doesn't that make you the hoe?). You spend your time focusing on her hips, her thighs, her chest, and her lips, that you can't see 'her'. You can't see that she's been the key to your dreams. She's been the key to your success. She's the key to any fathomable concept of love you'll ever see in your life (hence, that's why you have to sacrifice to see it - it's what Jesus did to show the love of his father and to command the love of the church). You're so quick to lash out at anyone who takes food out of your mouth, when it's you who takes the most food our your own mouth. You can't even see that every time you mock her, criticize her, disrespect her, chastise her, inappropriately sleep with her, or ridicule her, that you're ridiculing yourself. She is you. As you go, she goes.  As you do, she does.  You were the 'THOT' first.  You'll end that way if you're not careful.  But you're a stand up guy, tending to your own business. You've led the straight and narrow all your life.  Well, you've got just as much responsibility, regardless of how much your tailored suit costs.  Why are you so arrogant? You've done nothing! It is God who quickens you, regardless of the state of your salvation. Be confident, because God is your supplier.  Be bold, because God works through you for his purposes.  Don't be bold, confident, and arrogant, because it protects your image.  Your image is nothing but darkness if not in the shadow of God. Remember, you are hidden in him, not beside him. You don't make your own shadow.


It's time for you to take your place. It is time for you to lay aside the weight - the sins which so easily besets you.  In other words, lay aside the racism. Lay aside the malice towards your kind. Lay aside the hate for your fathers. Stop using your past as an excuse. Oh, were you were born this way? Get born again!  You love to wear crosses and Jesus pieces around your neck - now it's time to get on it! Lay aside the agression towards your women. Lay aside the pride of your youth. Lay aside the anger of your loins. Lay aside arrogance. Lay aside the slothfulness.  Your women support you, but they're not your resource. They're not the pillars.  They're not the foundation. You're their foundation. 

It’s time to rise...and lay aside that which can instantly change (true) for that which can never change (truth).