I learned a lot by unlearning this summer. My head is in the clouds. / by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser

Head in the clouds

But is was tough. It was a challenge at every turn. And it was challenging for me to approached anyone with it. But what was cathartic about it was the honesty blossoming from my undoing.

I’m more that certain that my insecurities with my childhood, misconceptions of education, and thee resultant mis-education of #drtyroneceaser played huge parts in it (thanks Lauren Hill).

So now, I find myself figuring all over again. And I can sense what’s coming on the horizon. But my feeling brain is impeding my logical brain. According to some science, my animal brain is often times more reliable than my logical brain.


I love my western education for ‘hipping’ me to the western world, but concomitantly, I hate my vision of reality, because it leaves so, so many flaws.

Well, thank god for brainpickings.com, and others who are trying to figure it all out. Gosh, I love mentors!

You should get one.

Or 2.

No, get 5.