Jewelry / by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser

a strange dream

I had a strange dream one day.

A guy - a dark, peculiar guy - came to me in what seemed to be a warehouse.  I can't recall if he asked me what I wanted, or, if he simply, somehow supernaturally, forced himself in my presence. Nevertheless, he had in his hand a fine piece of jewelry.  No, he many, many pieces of jewelry in his hand. Beautiful.


He said to me, in the most beautiful, yet darkest tone I'd ever heard, "Each piece of jewelry you see before you, gives you infinite access to an inherent ability that you admire in the souls you see while in the Earthrealm.  You have a choice in which you take, but once you touch the pieces of jewelry in my palm, you will equip your soul with the ability contained within the jewelry."