Moving Now and Moving Forward. / by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser


I want simplistic clearness and authentic intentionality in my life. 

I don’t want to be subject to anything not natural.

I want to follow nature.

I want to breathe…well.

I want authentic efficiency in my words, deeds, and actions.

I don’t want to circle back around to ‘lost’. 

I want to be lost in found. 

I want to take my own advice. 

I want to stay clear in chaos. 

I want to think well.

I want to act on my terms.

There is a balance I seek in myself. I can feel it. And I feel closest to it during times like now - where I write and scour the earth for aesthetic inspiration from things designed well - homes, shops, cars, knives, stories, paragraphs, business card, etc. When I see them, I get at this balance I seek. So i think I can study them and see more of myself. 

I have ideas and draw inspiration and work in a realm that is unique to me and therefore unique in the world. I want to act on this uniqueness and peculiar design that is me. 

I don’t want to fore-load my day with what I consider to be my problems. I want to find ways to set the balance and equanimity. 

I can.

And I will.

I have to do a better job and loving myself and following my mind. But also assuring my mind is health and in balance with nature.