An Ode to Maintaining Wellness.


It’s tough. Don’t be fooled.

It’s not easy to maintain strength, maintain fitness, maintain endurance, and maintain flexibility. It’s not. Especially when others are counting on you to do it and never drop the ball, forget the baby’s schedule, and never return an exam late.

It’s not simple. 

It’s not simple to figure out how to remove the complex layers of strained relationships, career work, personal establishment, growth, development and forward motion. Especially when the world changes at the drop of a dime and the value of a dollar dissipates like vapor from a stream.

It’s not fair. 

It’s not fair to be fair, just to be unfair from beign fair.  


Maintaining wellness is not a lot of things.

But one thing it is: It is possible. 

You just have to believe it.