The Seductiveness of Pure Evil

Pure Evil is seductive. Oh yes - It's beautiful. Evil comes knocking at your door every day. All day. And when it comes, it doesn't come with hoofs. It doesn't come with snares and smoke filled nostrils. It doesn't come with a tail.
Evil comes to you in the most beautiful appearance.  Evil is beautiful. Splendid. It's insanely seductive. Silently, it rushes toward you, knowing your innermost desires. It cares nothing about the people who hurt from its insatiable hunger and thirst. 
Evil has many, many faces.
Your face.
You coworker's face
You wife's sister.
Her body.
His body.
Your secret passions.
Your nights.
Inherently, you. 
Your sinful anger.
Beware of Evil. He's beautiful. He's gorgeous.  He's the most beautiful of them all. 
And he's also the deadliest.