Losing my self to find My Self. / by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser


I interview myself often. I think it's good for reflection and growth. Being truthful is cathartic and cleansing. Here's the most recent question I asked myself.

Self: What are you looking for?
My Self: “I don’t always know if I have the answer to this question.  It’s one that I recycle back to several times during the year. I cannot quite put my pulse on where and what it is. I find myself asking this questions while dreaming and meditation while siting on the edge of a dock, dressed in all white, with mountains on the other side of the lake. I’ve got one knee hiked up and grasped by my hands. I”m light. The wind’s blowing just enough to know the presence of God is with me. I’m comforted by that knowledge.

Maybe there is nothing to see.

Maybe I’m happy and blissful because there’s nothing needed but to be there.

It’s almost as if the answer is me. Maybe I am trying to find myself. And maybe that’s what God is telling me. Lose my self to find myself. All these years I’ve had this meditation. And now, I think I’m beginning to see what its relevance is for reality.

Stop searching for me. Search for ME. 
— My Self