Gut Check. by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser

gut check

Not many things in life metaphorically punch us in the gut. But if I’m George Foreman, reality if Muhammad Ali. So by the time I realize what’s happening, life has floated by like a butterfly and stung like a bee.

But this moment of realization gives me time to check me metaphorical gut.

Something astounding happens tomorrow with myself, my wife, and my son: each of us will begin a new venture - my wife and I with new jobs, and my son with a new school. Assuming all things happen for a reason, and in a sort of entropy-like manner, this is a point of significant reflection for me. For us.

I look around at my life - at this moment - and realize I’m not happy with the way the world has changed me. Some is me letting the world screw me, and then, some is me saying,

“F**K it all!"

Either way, my gut check hurt, because the truth hurts. Reality often times - hurts.

But what was it that the man from Galilee said…?


Folks. Be honest with yourselves. It’s my number one goal moving into these new territories. I can already feel the freedom from freeing.

Father, why did you create my body different from his? by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser

I'm certain of it.

I'm certain of the fact that God has created our bodies - each of us - for a particular purpose. No two people share the same body, spirit, or mind. But we all share similar underlying minutia and a unifying purpose. I think this is the reason we all essentially share the same underlying 'core' in the Body of Christ.  I'm certain of the fact that we are all different in very fine, very particular places. Some of us have singular nucleotide polymorphisms in certain places in our DNA, that give us extraordinary abilities. Some of us have phenotypes for muscles and tendons that enhance maximum strength capabilities. Some of us have cells that are programmed for death much sooner or later in the ageing process. On the other hand, some of us have genes which will inevitably cause cancer. Some us have a paralysis. Some of us have impeccable talents to throw, kick, spring, juke, and stiff arm.  Some of us have flexibility that is out of this world.  Some of us can't lift a leg without gasping for air.  Some of us just have a hard time utilizing the air we breathe.  


Whatever the situation, talent, and/or circumstance, we must remember that it's all to the work and glory of God, the Father of all. The sooner we understand this, the sooner we can begin to understand the "purpose of purpose". This fact alone should give us comfort in our fallen body image. Make no mistake - through our bodily conditions, He uses us for many, many different purposes. Some are made to show the strength of God. Some are made to give us insight into the sheer beauty of God (I tend to think my wife has that purpose in my life. Maybe I'm biased in that!).  Some are made (and developed) to show the superiority of God, and some of us are made to show the humility and sovereignty of God, in lieu our fallen circumstances.

This is why it's so important for us (and by 'us', I'm referring to all Christ-centered believers) to keep our bodies, inasmuch as the Holy Spirit guides us to do so.  In saying this, we must also keep in mind that God uses us through our weaknesses to show his strength (2 Corinthians 12:10). At the moment of the fall in Eden, our bodies went from perfect and eternal to imperfect and ephemeral. All matters of time between eternal and ephemeral is to get us back to the Our Father in the new Garden.  And I'm certain that our bodies are 'purposed' for that purpose. 

I'm certain of it.