The principal of reversibility by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser


It takes hard work to succeed. It takes even more hard work to CONTINUE to succeed over and over again.

I peer into the entrepreneurial world through my academic lens and wonder how many of these repeat ‘succeeders’ withstand failure and sustain success.

Of course - it’s not many of them to look at, but from my perspective, I respect perspective.

I’ve had (and continue to have) many failures. I start many things and fail at most of them. Sure, I learn things along the way. Sure, I get wiser, mentally fit and stronger.

But I have this one particular image in my mind - of what my success (not perfection) will look like. And until it is reached, I must continue to train.

And the moment I stop training won’t be the moment I lose my fitness. The moment I lose my fitness will be when I get comfortable.

The mind and body always remember what you do to it. Once it’s done, it can’t be undone. Ever.