The principal of reversibility by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser


It takes hard work to succeed. It takes even more hard work to CONTINUE to succeed over and over again.

I peer into the entrepreneurial world through my academic lens and wonder how many of these repeat ‘succeeders’ withstand failure and sustain success.

Of course - it’s not many of them to look at, but from my perspective, I respect perspective.

I’ve had (and continue to have) many failures. I start many things and fail at most of them. Sure, I learn things along the way. Sure, I get wiser, mentally fit and stronger.

But I have this one particular image in my mind - of what my success (not perfection) will look like. And until it is reached, I must continue to train.

And the moment I stop training won’t be the moment I lose my fitness. The moment I lose my fitness will be when I get comfortable.

The mind and body always remember what you do to it. Once it’s done, it can’t be undone. Ever.

Escape. For all the right, wrong reasons. by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser



I find the world acting as some sort of triage and/or specialized MD for every condition under the sun. Once something becomes popularized, media takes over, google and Facebook reinforce it, and force it into your mental reality. At leas that’s what they try to do. For example: automation, privacy, productivity, attention deficit, distraction.

Then, next comes: job loss to robots, self-realization, optimizing work spaces, silent retreat, minimalism.

Then, one is forced to think: “Damn. Is there something wrong with me?

As a result of reflecting on these things, I find myself wanting to escape for one of two reasons:

  1. I’ve allowed culture, anxiety, or some other stupid thing(s) to blind my way, or,

  2. Something about me needs to be fixed, and I’ve run out of strategies.

Seems like I found the common denominator:



I hate those nouns made pronouns in society. Maybe you should consider yours.

The progression principle of training. by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser

Try bringing a knife to a gunfight?

Yep, I tried it, and was sadly mistaken. Recent times through life-phase transitions taught me something similar:

Don’t bring the old, uncomfortable, sad sack-of-crap, still angered and resenting daddy - type man. Instead, bring the new, experienced, beat-up-but-still-fighting, wise, new-attitude, optimistic man.

This man has a fighting chance.

This is the most interesting and beautiful concept of resistance training: you determine the type of growth. But even the body outputs force in all the wrongly trained ways. Have you ever strained a muscle that’s been otherwise healthy all your life/

When it comes, you know it. by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser

I think there are times in this life where we know certain things are supposed to happen at certain times - mile markers is how I think of them.I reached, saw, and heard a few of those all in one day. Today.

My next task is to figure out what to do with them. I can quite honestly say that I have spent the better part of life ignoring these mini-signals. The problem with that is they always catch back up to you.


Sunday Serenity: “Peace! Be still" (an ode to stillness in stressful situations). by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser


For the purposes of this ‘short’ it doesn't matter if you disbelieve  the story of one Jesus Christ and his experience on water during a raging storm in the Sea of Galilee. What matters is what you believe about his ability to remain true to self during times of difficulty, peril, perplexity, and tulmotuous times. There's something to be said about the person, who, during the most radical and most stressful times, can remain calm, steady, and content.

Stress is a great mirror into human motive and resiliency.

What does your response to stressful situation