Why Me Lord? / by Dr. Tyrone Ceaser

Why me lord?

I Never Really Asked Myself

Why it is - that I've been blessed to have as much as I feel that I do.  I think a part of it is my ignorance of what I've always had, and simply failed to realize until, well, now. Why me? Why has God given me so much? Why has he charged me with the responsibility of being a steward of all these things he's added unto me? What made him choose me for the job? Better question: How can I do the job well?

This is what my life is concerned with: doing my best as steward over the duties, tasks, time, and responsibilities given to me. Money, popularity, respect, honor, love, etc.  Regardless, I'll never consider, not even for a second, that he saw me as being deserving for the role.

 I think  (and hope) he just sees his son.