Can a Man Change His Nature? It depends on what's in his closet...

We are who we are. Sometimes, that person is not who we want to be.  If it’s not, then we’ve got two options: 

We can fight against it, as in one fighting the air, and create intra-personal clashes that work against us, or,

We can fight against it, as one racing toward a definite end, and essentially ‘upend’ who we are for who we want to become.

As professionals of knowledge work, we read, work alongside, observe, and admire individuals who model our future selves. This can be a tricky thing, because too much admiration can lead us to forsake our core values for the sake of someone (i.e. our future selves) we’re not. That essentially takes us back to first point listed above. 

Can a man change his nature for the sake of being well? Yes - he can. But changing our nature is like changing clothes. We start with what we have in our closet.   Periodically, we shop for - and purchase - new pieces. After a while, we end up with ties and dresses we don’t remember purchasing, and stockings we can’t fit anymore.  But there are certain shirts we wear over and over again - some good, some not so good. Then, we look back years later, only to realize that our entire closet has completely changed.

Here’s the point: changing clothes too often is costly. Not changing clothes at all is also costly.  So find clothes and a style that works for you. Find clothes that fit you well. Maybe your body isn’t meant to carry great amounts of muscle mass. Maybe you don’t have the genetic makeup to have a VO2max of 60 milliliters per killogram per minute. Maybe your leg wasn’t designed to be so flexible that you can kiss your shin (lower leg) without bending your knee. 

After all, there’s something to be said about a basic (but nice), well-ironed suit and tie.

And everyone loves a basic (but nice), well-kept dress.