Change: It's not a choice. It's Inevitable.


It’s the only thing that, with 100% certainty, will happen. Two points are implied from this:

  1. We are forced into growth. The type of depends on us. 
  2. Nothing, in its own right, ever remains the same. Change is definite.

After Ali decided not the fight ‘the white man’s war’(his quote, not mine) he was stripped of his titles, and had to come back to a boxing world that had grown by becoming more rigorous, and everyone in it sought out to destroy him. First up was George Foreman.

The clip below is taken from the blockbuster movie Ali, starring Will Smith.

Examples from American History

Two things that I especially admire from American History:

The Greatest Generation (as they were called by Tom Brokaw). Coming home from a war that wasn’t their own, to handle the duties given them by the changes for which they were forced into - during a tough time in American history. But the adapted. They survived. The grew.

Muhammed Ali (The “Greatest”). Ali had a famous quote” It’s not the mountain in your path. It’s the pebble in your shoe.” The pebble changes the way we walk, and often prevents us from moving forward. 

The question isn’t whether or not you’re going to change. The question is: how are you going to handle it?