'Precise' exposure to a stress is the cure for the stress.

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When we deal with stressful situations, we quickly process it in one of two ways:

1: Either we deal with it head on, or,

2: We run away from it.

The universal problem is this: If we choose number one, we need the capacity to overcome the stress. If we choose number 2, we need the speed and reaction time to get ahead and above it, without going through it.

In either case, we need sustained, situation-specific capacity. And those capacities differ based on the type of stress. The flexibility and stretch-shortneing cycle in the muscles during an olympic snatch is different from the flexibility and stretch-shortening cyclne needed needed for a kettlebell swing.

The capacity needed to deal with relatives with bad attitudes is different from the capacity needed to overcome co-workers with spiteful feelings towards you.

In either case, you want to walk away from the exercises or the home/work situations as a better person - for having gone through it.

What you must figure out is which stress response is more pertinent to your life, your mental health, and your longevity. Sometimes it’s better to run, and sometimes it’s better to fight (unless you're dealing with a poisonous snake in Sub-Saharan Africa).

Herein lies the difference between building resilience and general capacity. Resilience can only be had if the healing agent fights directly against the toxin. If you have the wrong cure for the condition, you still suffer. Sure, your natural capacity to fight will help in either case, but eventually, it'll diminish. This is why one must choose carefully between fighting or fleeing. To do this, you must know what you’re dealing with and how to deal with it.

Through teaching, mentoring, and coaching, this is my goal: educating, training, and coaching through stress. Only through helping others learn, triage and identify their own stress can we ever find the proper cure for being well in all facets of life!