Weight Loss + Dishonesty = Facade

Other than diseases and conditions, the one trait I consider detrimental to most weight loss programs is dishonesty.  Once upon a time, I wanted to gain weight - not because it was healthy, or because I competed as an athlete.  I simply wanted to look good  to everyone else.  And I wanted to look good to everyone else because I wanted to appeal to everyone else's psyche, in a very specific way. I wanted to be intimidating, confident, strong, desirable,  and Type-A. By doing these things, I'd feel better about my position in the world as I saw it.  And after I felt better about my position in the world, I'd sit back and reap the benefits of being on top of the mountain. Well, I did those things, but there was one problem: Once the initial surprise and awe wore off, I felt the same way I felt prior to gaining the weight. Empty. Useless. Emotionless, and worthless (and I'm sure there were other adjectives).  As I look back on that time, I realize weight gain was never the problem. My deep insecurities about my self-worth, confidence, societal position, and most of all, my image to the world were the issues. More importantly, I realized that if I didn't address those issues, I could gain another 10 pounds of muscle, and still be the weakest individual in the world.