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#Keepstriving: Red bottoms, success, and longevity


I'm not a materialistic person, but when I see something that's been beautifully crafted, I have to take a second to simply stop and admire it.

Though I’ll never wear a pair, Red bottom heels are one of those creations that fit the bill of crafted beauty. The first time I saw a pair was while watching the critically-acclaimed House of Cards series on Netflix. Claire Underwood (the president's wife in the TV series) owned serveral pairs in most of the aired episodes. But it wasn't her display of the red bottoms that attracted me. But as I went into my own cognative 'fantasy land', I thought (as my wife marveled at them), "I know my wife could rock these and make em' look good! She's certainly got the legs to do it!"(side note: if I could design an emoji to represent my feelings to go in this spot right here ' _' it would be of a dog panting with his tongue out.)

But then I thought, man, the only people I see with these types of heels are people with a lot of money to spend on clothing and design.  At that point, I made a new goal for myself: I'm going to get my wife a pair of red bottoms.

Though there's nothing that my wife can own to make her more beautiful than she already is, these red bottoms symbolize a lot to me. When I finally get them, they'll symbolize hard work. Moreover, they’ll be my gift to her, letting her know that we’ve got to a certain place in our world that means something significant to both us:

Dedication to a goal. A man that will move the world for his family.


I could care less about being rich. But the red bottoms serve as a symbol between me and my wife that represents the fruit of two minds touching and agreeing on reaching goals and dreams (side note: They also represent good taste!).

Many people have similar goals. Purchasing a pair of red bottoms for a spouse may not be a goal. Maybe you want a college degree for a child. Maybe you want to own a first home or a series of rental properties. Maybe you want a new job or a new mindset. Whatever the goal, whatever the aspiration, don't give up. One day, if you're like me, you'll look back and think to yourself (in the words of a famous Braxton sister), "Yep, I did that!".

And I’d do it agin, in a heartbeat, for the people I love the most. 


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