Know Thyself.

know thyself

As a professor, I teach my students that anatomy is all about structure and foundation: structure of body parts, and how those body parts relate to each other to build a solid foundation for movement. Physiology then takes those structures, their relationships, and provides us with the function and interplay of systems.

It is difficult to understand physiology without proper understanding of general anatomy (I learned this lesson the hard way in school). If one attempts to understand the physiology of bone without understanding what bone is made of, it'll be very difficult to comprehend the bigger picture. Likewise, if you want to understand why type 1 muscle fibers are more important for marathon runners, and types 2 fibers are more important for sprinters, you'll need a general understanding of the basic structure of a muscle fiber first.

The same is with life. If you attempt to understand yourself, you should first realize what you are made of. You must first understand that you are part body, part mind, and part spirit, and that these components aren't mutually exclusive. You must then understand that the body acts in a particular manner, the mind acts in a particular manner, and both effect the spirit man. More often than we care to admit, they clash! The body responds to differences in temperature and textures. The mind reacts to changes in emotion, desires, critical needs, and the like. The spirit, without choice, reflects all of these changes.

Equipped with the most basic understanding of body, mind, and spirit, you'll be able to do things (and see things) on a level that you've never dreamed of.