Sedentary activity isn't bad. Exercise isn't good. They are what they are.

Sedentary activity is great...

A major issue with current thinking and trends in exercise is the misunderstanding and misappropriation of exercise and sedentary activity. Ask most professionals or anyone else familiar, the meaning of sedentary activity. Better yet, ask someone about the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word, "sedentary"(they're likely to respond fat, lazy, not enough exercise, etc.).

The truth is that sedentary activity has its place in our way of life. Some folks have their greatest epiphanies when idle. Contrary to popular belief, sedentary activity (ask Siri, and she'll tell you it means that you're sitting too much) isn't inherently bad. But that's only in measure with the accordance of the amount of time you don't spend sitting. And the amount of time you don't spend sitting doesn't always equate to having a regular exercise routine. And a regular exercise routine doesn't equate to wellness. However, our current belief is the exact opposite. Exercise is medicine. Exercise is life. Exercise is euphoric. Get into the habit, and win at life.

In that spirit, most people cross fit, go to pilates,meditate in the evenings, and high-knee themselves to death.

I'm lead to conclude that something is wrong with me or with the overall perception and and marketing of exercise. I hate the word exercise. We've taken something naturally occurring to the human species and made a spectacle out of what it does for and to the human body, only to sell it as 'benefits'. Is it truly a benefit, if it's how our bodies are naturally suppose to respond? Researchers (including myself in my dissertation years) and others tend to box people into classes, ANOVAs, regression equations, and t-tests, based on exercise. We classify cultures and groups based on exercise. We make jobs and degrees based on exercise.

In the end, somehow, most people still aren't any better, slimmer, or healthier than before. We simply help people deal with their symptoms, and that prolongs life.

Sedentary activity isn't bad or good and exercise isn't bad or good, just like money isn't bad or good.

They are what they are. Natural. We've made them unnatural.

We should really stop praising exercise as something that could change someone's life. It can't. Just like sedentary activity doesn't cause worldwide morbidity. Just like money doesn't cause problems.

But, the 'intent' behind your distribution will get you in trouble every...single...time.