Process, not outcome oriented: A lesson in wellness from Fortnite

I recently joined the Fortnite bandwagon. What can I say? It's an awesome game! And I realized, for the first time in a long time, that I enjoyed the process of playing through each of the stages, more than I enjoyed winning a battle. In other words, I enjoyed the process.

The process!

Many of us get bogged down by the expectations of others, the ideas of others, and the demands of others - our bosses, our family members, and sometimes ourselves and future performance. But why? Heck, most of it is out of our control! 


Focus on the process, not the outcomes!

When you focus on the process, the entire situation becomes about tools, tactics, information, and decisions that are in your control! Let's face it. We can't read the future, we cannot control the outcome (even if we do everything right), and we cannot control the behavior of others. So, really, does it makes sense to focus on something we cannot control (i.e. the outcome)? 


We just like to think we can control outcomes for things: for research, for kids, for jobs and careers, for cooking, for gardening, for comprehension, for measurables, and for marketing. We are living a fantasy if we think we control outcomes. 

Don't live in a fantasy world!

Focus on the process!

For more detailed information on this, check out my recent podcast episode on processes and outcomes.